Total-Look Consultation (TLC)

We designed the Total-Look Consultation to provide our patients with a very personal in-depth assessment of your overall look, with an emphasis on potential problem areas. It’s intended to be an introduction and an honest discussion of your concerns. Once we’ve defined any problem areas, we will suggest and explain the best possible procedures and treatments to address those problems. Ideally, you will leave the consultation with a complete understanding of the steps you can take to achieve a more beautiful you!

First, we listen. We want to know what bothers you about you, and we want to know where you’d like to be. What is the look you’d like to achieve? Next, we draw on our extensive experience and suggest possible treatments that could help you get to your goal. We’ll explain all the options in depth and answer all your questions. Finally, we’ll provide a detailed program that will set you on the road to a glowing, more youthful appearance.

Ultimately, the Total-Look Consultation will give you all need to make an informed decision about improving your appearance. Call now and set up your personal TLC: 408-866-4884.