About Us: How We Ensure Quality and Safety

Both Dr. Press and Wendy Holmes, RN are totally committed to the highest-quality treatment procedures, performed exclusively in a safe, clinical environment. They have extensive medical backgrounds and share a genuine concern for their patients. The office is fully equipped and fully staffed for both your safety and your full satisfaction.

In the area of cosmetic procedures, Wendy has a clinical knowledge developed from years of hands-on work with patients. She has treated thousands of patients whose cosmetic concerns and health conditions have varied widely. Her patients have come to rely on her advice regarding the effectiveness of various treatment options and to ensure their comfort and safety.


Unlike the results associated with most medical procedures, the results for cosmetic treatments are not measured in terms of freedom from disease or disability, but by the satisfaction of the patient. Good results require artistry. It’s not enough to know how to operate a medical device; it also requires a keen sense of color and style. There must be an understanding of the delicate interaction between various facial features and how even subtle changes to any of them will affect a patient’s overall look. Few people can offer this combination of technical skill and an artist’s eye. Wendy, our cosmetic specialist, meets these standards and more.

Wendy is best known for providing soft, natural-looking aesthetic transformations with a gentle, professional touch. Surgeons, physicians, and cosmetologists all refer patients to her without hesitation. She is sought out by women who want to look great without looking like they “have had work done.” If you are considering engaging someone to enhance your appearance, you should seek out someone with proven competence.



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