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When the San Jose Mercury News decided to run an article on permanent makeup, they had to choose which of the many Bay Area practitioners to feature. They chose Wendy Holmes for her skill, experience, and gentle, personalized touch. Here is what they wrote.

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Making up time


BY Sylvia Lang

As chief executive officer of Pacific Plastics & Engineering, a Santa Cruz County medical device manufacturer, she needs to be up and out the door early.

She oversees 76 employees at the business she and her husband, Jack, launched 12 years ago in Soquel. In addition, she serves on four boards of directors: Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, the National Foundation of Women Business Owners and the College of Business as well as the College of Industrial Technology at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. And she is active in the National Association of Women Business Owners, which in 1999 named her National Woman Business Owner of the Year.

"The days are really packed," acknowledges Harkness, who admits to being "50-something."

That's why she was so enthusiastic when she heard about a way to shave time off of her morning routine: permanent eye makeup.

"The idea of having an extra 20 minutes or so in the morning really appealed to me," she says. "Also, I wore contact lenses at the time (she since has had Lasik eye surgery), and makeup tended to smear them." So Harkness decided to get permanent eyebrow and eye liner.

It was important to her that "a skilled medical professional do the work" and that the permanent makeup "would look as natural as possible."

  Upon recommendation from an acquaintance, she consulted with Wendy Holmes, a registered nurse/cosmetic nurse specialist who works with Dr. Joshua Korman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Mountain View.

During the initial consultation, Holmes took a full medical history and then gave Harkness instructions about preparing for the procedure.

On the day of the procedure (in May 1999), Holmes took time to discuss exactly how Harkness wanted the makeup to look. "As she told me," Harkness recalls, "'you'll be seeing this in the mirror for years to come, so it should look right."'

Next, Holmes applied a special cleanser to the skin. After that, she administered a local anesthetic. Then, using an instrument with a variable-size tip, she implanted the color below the top layer of the skin.

Three hours later, Harkness was home and could toss her bottles
of makeup into a drawer.

"It's been great having that extra time in the morning," she says.

To shave time from her morning routine, Stephanie Harkness had permanent eye makeup applied, and is considering permanent lip color, as well.



Harkness consulted with cosmetic nurse specialist Wendy Holmes to prepare for her procedure.


Harkness also praises her Lasik eye surgery - which saves her additional time because she doesn't have to fumble with contact lenses.

Now she is considering getting permanent lip color: "Every little bit of time helps."

Busy professionals such as Harkness increasingly are opting for time-saving, non-invasive cosmetic procedures, according to medical literature.

That explains the use of phrases such as "lunch time face lifts" or "lunch-time peels" in reference to laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other procedures that can be performed in about an hour.

Harkness says her decision to have Lasik surgery performed on her eyes was motivated by time, too: "No more putting in and taking out contacts."

Photographs by Kerry Paul and Ron Cochran

Reprinted with permission of 'Cosmetic Procedures,'
Special Advertising Sections, San Jose Mercury News.



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